Creating a Legacy

Updated: Oct 31, 2017

Creating a legacy isn’t as simple as it may be portrayed in stories you hear floating around the industry. “He simply made a youtube video and that was it!”, right place, right time”, “ She just had to sleep with him that one time” & the best one of them all which may hold partial truth is “ it’s who you know”.  Give me a break, yes a lot of these have worked before but that is a quintessential one in a million.
Creating a legacy involves struggles, busting your ass 24-7, figuring out exactly what you want to leave behind and how to do it  as well as many other little pieces you will get to know here with me.Ok, let’s keep the eye on the ball. So if you’ve made it to this little piece of the future hive mind, then by now you should know that “Hi, my name is DC Cruz and I create things!. Some time has passed since I first launched “My life in pixels” on blogger. The original idea of MLIP was to have a place where I can share my unfiltered thoughts, part therapy, part get to know me. MLIP was destined to be the place where you could really get deep in my artistic process unfortunately it didn’t last long.Soon after creating it, in part due to the whirlwind that was my life at the time and the insanity that is a life of a creative person, the whole idea for MLIP fell thru. MLIP became more of a flashback at videos, performances and other moments of my life with little to no personal touch. Let’s change that! I figure if anyone can make sense of my ramblings and learn a thing or two that could help them in life then why the hell not?

Since my last post here which was during the time I was beginning to push my last single Paradise I have kept busy with a few projects. At the forefront is my new music. Which I will share more details later on with you but for those curious to know more you can check out all the music stuff at my homepage DC Cruz online.

Aside from music last year (2016) I decided to officially launch my business Skytower Studio. Skytower Studio is a multi-medium production studio on the go. When I first thought about launching my own business I wanted a business that could help other small businesses as well as talented individuals develop their craft in a professional way without breaking the bank. How did this all start you may be asking yourself?

Most people don’t know this but I have been creating not just music but other forms of art for a long time now. Photography, Videography, Web & graphic design are all very strong passions which developed into full-fledged careers for me. As a natural evolution and in part due to my interest in music and social media I got into Digital Marketing as well. Now you can imagine this potent combination of skills all relating to one another in time allowed me to put the pieces together and I was like “ Dude! I should totally make a business for other creatives like myself! One where they can get their bang for their buck!” and that was that. While developing music and releasing singles, I was working behind the scenes creating everything that is Skytower.

Now as easy as this all may be sounding, believe me it’s been

a ride. When you factor in personal relationships, work, finances, trips, family and life in General things can get a bit overwhelming. Keeping the eye on the ball and a positive mindset is key in achieving both your short term and long term goals. This applies to everything you decide to do in life not just music and the creative fun stuff.

So next time you feel down and low  or overwhelmed take a step back and take in how far you have already come. Take a deep breath and keep at it! Only those who push through make it to the finish line. XO-DC

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